Raw ThermoWood®

ThermoPine (Pinus Sylvestris)

Products marked with ”X” are available in classes Thermo D and S. Lengths range from 3000 mm to 5400 mm

ThermoSpruce (Picea Abies)

In this and other product categories, lengths range from 3000 mm to 5400 mm. Note that we are able to do thermotreatment for other wood species as well. Products marked with ”X” Are available in classes Thermo D and S

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Planed ThermoWood®

Interior cladding panels

Boards, planks, battens

Decking boards

Exterior cladding panels


An example of a cladding panel (Pine, Thermo-D).
An example of a decking board (Pine, Thermo-D).
An example of a batten (Pine, Thermo-D)
An example of a cladding panel (Spruce, Thermo-S)
Why choose us as your partner for your project?

Why people are choosing us as a partner

Quality Material

Our raw material is sourced from the extensive forests in Central Finland, which are located nearby

Accredited and Certified

We are committed to several certificates in our operations

Trained Workers

Our team is highly trained and commited to the work done in HJT-Holz Oy

Fast delivery

We have a substantial inventory of ThermoWood® available for delivery

Member of Finnish Thermowood Association since 2000

We are entitled to use the association’s ThermoWood® trademark

Experience in the field

We have operated 26 years in the industry. We have an unique experience in the art of manufacturing ThermoWood®.


Head Office

Our thermowood manufacturing is completaly made in Mänttä-Vilppula. You can find the contacts of our team from 'about' -page.

Lahnajoentie 196
35700 Mänttä-Vilppula

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